Virtual Counselling

We offer virtual counselling services through NousTalk, a leading online video platform, that has been specifically built to provide you with a safe and secure online mental health experience.

How to Register


Click Register and fill out the client registration form (see below). 

  • During the registration process, you will be asked to to digitally sign the Informed Consent by clicking the appropriate blue box at the bottom of the form. 
  • You will receive an email from NousTalk asking you to confirm your email address. Please watch for this in your inbox.

When you have completed your registration, please bookmark the login page for easy access.

  • Once you have created a password and verified your email address please login to your new account and navigate to your personal account settings.
  • We require you to add your Emergency Contact information before scheduling an appointment. You can access this form by using the dropdown arrow beside your name located on the right-hand side of the menu bar. Please select Save before leaving the screen.

Book an Appointment

Once we receive confirmation that you have created an account, you can schedule your first appointment. View counsellor Availability by logging into your new account and choose a preference.

  • Once you have selected a date and time, you will receive an email from the NousTalk server which includes the encrypted link to join at our agreed upon time.
  • You will need to confirm the appointment before you can attend the session.
  • You can do this directly from the email by clicking the appropriate link, or from your personal Appointment calendar, by clicking the session identifier shown in yellow and selecting Confirm.
  • Once you have confirmed your appointment the indicator will turn from yellow to dark blue.

On the appropriate day and time, you should login to your account, navigate to your Appointments tab and begin the session by clicking the link found on your Appointment Calendar.

  • If you have neglected to Confirm your appointment, you will be prompted to do so before our session can start.
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